CCB April Report

The April membership meeting was opened by President Pat Hunt with the Pledge of Allegiance, Creed and Prayer being read.

Pat reported that 3 applications were sent to State for the Pat Nowlin Memorial Scholarship. We were instructed to send in all 3 rather than evaluating and picking a nominee. Cursten Blanton, Kurstyn Johnson and Emily Gossett submitted applications. It was noted that it is time to get the Copper scholarship notifications out.

Pat reminded everyone that our State Vice President’s (Vonda Frost) husband was seriously hurt and there is an auction and go-fund me account set up for his recovery. Heritage Waters Coalition has a fund-raiser event scheduled at Los Olmos on May 1st . If you are interested in a casino
themed evening of fun, see Kathy Davis who has tickets. Kim is working on the Yearbook so please send any changes to us. A vote was taken to make Neline Dominguez and Shirley Franks honorary members (requiring no dues).

The organizational meeting for the Legislative AgVo Committee was recently held. Kim Clark is the chair as she has been our legislative coordinator for many years. She will work on the process of updating our by-laws to include this new activity as well as reviewing existing by-laws needing changes. These will be duly published and reviewed for voting. Kim emphasized that the AgVo committee is for educational purposes and “does not speak on behalf of the CowBelles unless directed to do so by a vote of the membership under special circumstances”.
There was no update on the “Welcome to Beef county” sign.

Everyone should be watching their mail for the registration for the Mid-year Meeting in Ruidoso June 7th . The next meeting will be May 18th.

Pat Hunt


CCB February Report

Copper met by zoom meeting on February 27th. There were 9 in attendance including Sandra Lacy, State President. The Pledge of Allegiance, CowBelle Creed and Prayer were repeated. Minutes for the January 2021 meeting were approved.

The Mimbres Roundup Lodge auxiliary is creating a cookbook as a fundraiser and a motion was that a full page advertisement be taken in the book with a Beef Promotion themed page. A discussion of the New Mexico Ag in the Classroom program resulted in a motion to donate to the non-profit. Pat will issue a challenge in The Wrangler to encourage other locals to meet or beat Copper’s donation to this worthwhile Agvocacy project.

New projects were discussed as one member is promoting the idea for a ranching museum to be started in the area. Another suggested a Cowboy/girl Hall of Fame and the brand wall renovation inside the Murray Hotel in downtown Silver City. It was pointed out that the Welcome to Beef Country sign on west Highway 180 was blown down last year and nothing has been done about it. Judy O’Loughlin volunteered to contact the Cliff agricultural teacher about the possibility of having students build a metal sign with laser cut brands.

Pat reminded everyone that we still have many boxes of cookbooks and stated that JoAnn Miller has arranged for cookbooks to be sold at Circle S in Deming and Circle Heart in Silver City with the price dropped to $12. This still represents a profit for the group. JoAnn will check with the winery in Mimbres about selling books when they finally reopen.

The next meeting is planned for late March with the hope that it will be held in person.

Submitted by Pat Hunt


CCB January Report

The Copper CowBelles met by zoom meeting on January 23rd with about 12 members attending. The Pledge of Allegiance, CowBelles Creed and Prayer were recited.

It was noted that the duly elected 2020-21 officers are Pat Hunt, President; Judy
O’Loughlin, Vice President and Tenisha Fell, Treasurer. The group wishes to thank
Jeanette Hamilton for serving as Secretary for the past two years.

Sandra Lacy of Capitan is the 2020-21 NM CowBelles State President and she attended the meeting. She hopes to be able to attend meetings across the state in an effort to keep informed about happenings in the different groups in these unprecedented times. We are honored to have Coppermember, Michelle Greeman as the new State Secretary!

Members gave various reports including Heritage Waters Coalition and the Pro Rodeo this summer. Ranch Days in Alma will not be held this year but the Dutch Oven Cookout is planned for April and the Ranch Rodeo, BBQ, Dance and Auction in Glenwood is planned for July.

The next meeting is scheduled for February 27th by Zoom.—

Pat Hunt


Local Beef for Local School Education

The Grant County Cattlegrowers purchased a “Grant County Bred, locally raised steer” at the 2020 Grant County Junior Livestock sale. The meat was processed and then distributed to local school Home Economics programs for beef preparation lessons. The Grant County Copper CowBelles assisted with the project with some of the monies needed for processing.

Photo one: L to R: Cattlegrowers President Buddy Eby with Cliff High School Home Ec teacher Stephanie Tedford, Grant County Cattle Growers Sec/Treas. Laura Frost, Copper CowBelles Treasurer Tenisha Fell.

Photo two: L to R: Eby, Frost, Silver High Culinary Arts Instructor Emmarie Flores, Fell.

Photo three: L to R: Calvary Chapel student Hayden Smith, Teacher Julie Smith, student Daniel Smith, Frost, Fell, Eby

Photo four: L to R: Eby, Cobre High Culinary Instructor Cheryl Holland, Fell, Frost

Photo five: L to R: Accepting Beef for El Grito Headstart Todd Pugmire for principal Misty Pugmire, Frost, Eby.


CCB September Report

Copper Cowbelles Met September 15th, 2020

2020 Officers – Pat Hunt President- Judy O’Loughlin VP- Jeanette Hamilton Secretary- Tenisha Fell Treasurer
Pledge, Creed and Prayer lead by Pat.

Last meeting was June 2020 due to COVID-19 restrictions.

A budget for 2020 which will be revised to be a ’20-’21 budget and submitted for review at October meeting.
Lori Nell Reed obtained a donation to the organization from NM Gas Company.

Memorial donation of $50 each to honor Patsy Eby and Bar Wilson, past Copper CowBelles, who passed earlier this year.

Three scholarship applications were received and reviewed. Scholarships were awarded to Seth Neal (trade), Kurstyn Johnson (trade) and Cursten Blanton (academic) for this year and for last year (her application was mistakenly overlooked for eligibility last year).

Lucy Whitmarsh requested that we be involved with restoring the brand mural in the Murray Hotel downtown Silver City. They are still looking for a photo of the mural that includes the bottom right hand corner that has been damaged.

Jason Dobrinski has given permission for the brand sign on Hwy 180 West to be restored on his property. It was damaged beyond repair in a recent storm. We need to get out and remove the remains of the sign and set up a committee to start researching how to build a new one and finance it.

Nominating Committee and will make phone calls to see who is willing to run for office for the ’20-’21 year.

Discussion of the Wild and Scenic Act. It is important to support the Heritage Waters movement in rebuttal to the M.H. Dutch Salmon Wild and Scenic Act, which affects 5 SW NM counties. The Gila isn’t a free-flowing river, it is being utilized by farmers and ranchers, and the Gila doesn’t flow naturally year round. It is not a true recreational river but instead is a working river.

Submitted by Jeannette Hamilton (with help from Pat Hunt)


CCB June Report

The Grant County Copper CowBelles met June 16th, with lots of social distancing, on the back patio of a member’s house.  It was, needless to say wonderful to see each other.  The scholarship committee submitted the revised applications for our academic and new trade career categories.  Copper recognizes the need for welders, electricians, linemen etc in rural communities.  Everyone was encouraged to help publicize this new scholarship offering.  The Grant County Fair was discussed with the hope that the Exhibit Building will be allowed to be open.  Copper always has a booth with Beef giveaways, recipes and information about  the nutritional values of beef and how to safely handle and cook it.  Kathy Davis reported about a local group formed to fight proposed legislation to designate the Gila and San Francisco Rivers as Wild and Scenic.  This proposal could devastate the farming community of Gila and impact the mining business in Grant County.  Desserts were shared after the Treasurer’s Report was made and the Dear to Our Hearts Committee reported health news on members who have been ill recently.

Submitted by Pat Hunt, President


CCB January Report

The Grant County Copper CowBelles met January 21st.  President Pat Hunt conducted the meeting.  The Pledge of Allegiance, CowBelles Creed and Prayer were read.

Guest Ty Bays was present to discuss the upcoming Cowboy Cash Party which Copper will again participate in and help to organize.  It is scheduled for April 25th.  

There was much discussion about this year’s committees such as scholarships and marketing.  Emphasis will be placed on funding to students pursuing careers in trades needed in rural areas and the marketing committee will develop several beef promotion giveaways.  One of the local high school Home Economic teachers has requested in-class instruction about beef and ranching and a committee was formed for that effort. A budget and audit committee will review the books as soon as possible due to the change in Treasurer.

The Grant County Cattlegrowers is planning a meeting next month and a motion was made to present the new President with a “We love USA Beef” apron along with a check for the county fair steer purchase project this Fall. The steer is processed and the meat is distributed to local Home Ec teachers free of charge for use in the classrooms.

 Submitted by Pat Hunt


Recipe: Pork Loin Meat Empanadas

From the 2006 Copper CowBelle Cookbook, pg 93

  • 1 lb lean pork meat cubed
  • 2½ c water
  • 2 tsp sugar
  • 2 tsp cinnamon
  • ½ c raisins (if dry, soak in hot water)

Pie Crust

  • 1½ c flour
  • ½ c Crisco
  • ½ tsp salt
  • 4-5 Tbs ice water
  1. Boil meat slowly until tender. Grind it with juice.
  2. Return to pan and add sugar, cinnamon and raisins.
  3. Simmer for 15 minutes. Add water if necessary, but always keep meat juicy.
  4. Mix pie dough.
  5. Mold dough and keep in refrigerator until chilled.
  6. Shape into small balls as for empanadas.
  7. Roll to 1/8-inch thickness.
  8. Put pork mixture on half of dough.
  9. Fold over and press edges together with a fork.
  10. Fry in deep fat or bake in oven until browned nicely.

CCB April and May Report

The Grant County Copper CowBelles recently met on April 16th and May 21st. President Annette George conducted the meetings and the March/April minutes were approved. A thank you card with a generous donation was received for the reception luncheon for Alvina Rutherford. A motion was made to make a Pat Nowlin memorial donation in her honor. New membership applications were received from Sherri Bays, L J Lundy and Vicki McCauley.

The Cash Party held with the Cattlegrowers and Fair Committee was a success and resulted in a good deposit to the scholarship account. McKeen’s Ranch Days was well attended. The Shindig Community Dance is scheduled for October 12th. The marketing committee is working on apron designs for CowBelles members and ones to be given to local chefs that specialize in preparing beef entrees. The Scholarship committee will meet to determine guidelines for a new scholarship category for trade school applicants. The academic degree scholarships will still be offered.

The Silver City Museum is hosting a reception for Rodeo week on June 15th. This will highlight the ongoing “Ranching in Grant County” exhibit. Copper has been invited to participate in this event. Grant County is very proud to have two students selected for the NM Youth Ranch Management Camp this summer: Justin Billings and Randi White. Ongoing projects include “June is Beef Month”, the Grant County Fair in September, and a CowBelles exhibit in November at the Silver City Public Library. Everyone was encouraged to attend the Midyear meeting in Ruidoso.