March 2023 CCB Report

The April 18 meeting was called to order at noon by President Pat Hunt.  We recited the Pledge of Allegiance to our flag, the CowBelle Creed and a prayer.  Hostesses Cyndi Donovan and Kathy Davis provided a beautiful spring atmosphere for our meeting and 12 members were present to enjoy it. 

A card of thanks to Tenisha Fell, who will be moving to Oklahoma soon, was passed around for members to express their appreciation of her commitment and hard work.

We received a note from Sabrina Thuerauf thanking us for our scholarship toward her veterinary school expenses.  She is nearing her graduation and is grateful for the help we were able to provide. A check is going out to Erica Garcia, to support her as she competes for the National Miss Agriculture title.          

Pat Hunt reported that Lauren Baker represented our club at the Silver City Museum’s “Community Conversations” held on April 15th

 Michelle Greeman was not able to attend this meeting, but sent an NMCB update to membership via email.   She reminded us that the WALC early bird registration closes on 5/1. The event will be held at the Albuquerque Sheraton Uptown on May 23-25.  Registration is also open for the Mid-Year Meeting on June 4-6 in Ruidoso.   Rooms can be booked at the MCM Elegante Ruidoso with the Cattle Growers group rate.

Under New Business, Pat reminded us that our annual NM Ag in the Classroom donation of $250 is due and Cyndi will be sending that out. We are grateful for the work this group is accomplishing.

McKeen Ranch Days is quickly approaching and CCB will host 2 tables: butter making and beef by-products. 

We discussed the needed fundraiser.  Everyone liked the idea of a cash party/dinner/dance and more info will be available by our next meeting.  Pat is also putting together an exciting gift basket that we will raffle off after the County Fair, hopefully raising funds for at least one scholarship.  Members brought in items to fill the basket and we all received tickets to begin selling: $1 each or 6 for $5. 

Jessica Swapp-Massengill/Grant County Extension Office will be putting on a garden show and sale on May 13th, in partnership with Autumn Robertson/NM Farm Bureau.  They’ve lined up some great presenters and related vendors for this event.  Jessica also shared that the Extension Office has loaned a number of egg incubators out to schools (Pre K through high school) around Grant County.   The conversation soon grew to include chicken-pluckers and egg rollers and we were all enthralled! 

Pat Hunt brought up that the current “food animal” veterinarian shortage represents a danger to agriculture in America. It highlights how important it is to support vet students with our scholarships, as we have with Sabrina Thuerauf.  We also learned that false rumors are being spread insinuating that livestock are being treated with drugs containing “MRNA”. This rumor is not true and we should be aware and quick to dispel these rumors. Another concern is that Fentanyl is being mixed with veterinary drugs. 

Our next meeting will be held on Tuesday, May 16th.

Respectfully submitted, Carol Crosley

Upcoming Events:  McKeen Ranch Days      April 25th – 26th

                                   WALC, Albuquerque     May 23rd – 25th

                                   Mid-Year Meeting, Ruidoso   June 4th – 6th

                                   Grant County Fair    Sept 20th – 23rd


March 2024 CCB Report

The meeting was called to order at noon by President Pat Hunt following a delicious lunch served by our hostesses, Lori Nell Reed and Mary Jo Hooker.   Pat noted that this was National Agriculture Day!  We recited the Pledge of Allegiance to our flag, read the CowBelles Creed and the prayer.  There were 14 present, including former long-time member Nancy Thomas.

Michelle Greeman caught us up on the Legislative Session. Cyndi Donovan read a list of outcomes listed by Bill #.  Some results were positive, but many were disappointing. Martin Heinrich is re-introducing his Wild & Scenic Bill. This is a threat to agriculture, the mining industry, and all of us in the Southwest.

The Scholarship Committee received a Pat Nowlin Scholarship application from Hattie Dobrinski, currently a senior at Calvary Christian Academy.  She is a new member of CCB and will be pursuing an Agri-Business degree at Ft. Hays State University, Hays KS. It was agreed that we forward our recommendation that Hattie Dobrinski be considered for the Pat Nowlin Scholarship up to NMCB.  A motion passed that we award Hattie Dobrinski a Copper CowBelles scholarship.

Copper CowBelles have been asked to make a presentation at the Silver City Museum’s “Community Conversations” on April 15th at the Silco Theater.  Lauren Baker volunteered to handle this presentation and will give a short description of the history and current focus of CCB at this overview of clubs and organizations in Grant County.

McKeen Ranch Days in Alma is on April 25th and 26th.  This is an important outreach to educate youth in the southern area about the importance of agriculture in all of our lives.  Many volunteers are needed to present demonstrations or act as a guide for a class. Specifically, Margie requested that CCB do the Butter Demonstration again and a Beef By-products Presentation.

We discussed the needed work on our Copper CowBelles highway signs (the 180 west sign is completely gone). Further discussion was tabled until more information can be gathered.

The need for a fundraiser was discussed and lots of creative ideas were shared. We talked about doing an event on our own vs. joining with another organization. More information will be gathered and the discussion will be continued at our next meeting.  Time is of the essence, however.     



February 2023 CCB Report

The meeting was called to order on February 21 by President Pat Hunt. We recited the Pledge of Allegiance to our flag. Pat Hunt read the CowBelle Creed and Carol Crosley read the prayer. There were 14 persons attending, including 2 guests.

Guests Autumn (Graham) Robertson and Rebekka Hansen were with us to share their vision for an Ag Day on Friday 9/22/23, during the Cliff/Gila Grant County Fair. They plan booths, games, a petting zoo, photo backdrop and demonstrations helping the public to understand the importance of agriculture in our community.

Pat Hunt shared notes from the youth involved in the SHA Gymkhana, thanking us for our support. CCB Members also signed a note of encouragement to our friend/member Joan Woodward.

NMCB memorializes members who have passed. Pat displayed a lovely memorial plaque in honor of Linda Pecotte and will try to get it to Linda’s family. Michelle Greeman also presented a memorial for Evelyn Yates that came from the December annual meeting.

Michelle Greeman caught us up on NMCB business. The Southern Region District Meeting and workshops will be in Alamogordo on Feb. 25. 2023. Mid-Year Meeting dates will be June 4th and 5th in Ruidoso.

Kathy Davis reported on the Heritage Waters Coalition status. They are doing a great job trying to protect us from the Dutch Salmon Greater Wild and Scenic River Bill. This bill would have a negative effect on most of us in Grant County. Please join this fight at:

A scholarship application was presented from Sabrina Thuerauf, a Silver High graduate who is now in her last year of Veterinarian School. Sabrina hopes to begin practice in Grant County upon graduation. An award was made to Sabrina to be used toward paying off her school loans.

Discussion of the condition of both the CCB signs on US180, as they will need a makeover or total replacement. Ideas will be followed up on at our March meeting.

Silver City Museum will host Community Conversation (an overview of clubs and organizations in Grant County) at the Silco Theater on Saturday, April 15, 2023. They have requested we send a representative to give a brief history and focus of Copper CowBelles.

Women in Ag Leadership Conference (WALC) will be held in Albuquerque 5/23 through 5/25. Connie Rooks of Farm Bureau is committee chair and has asked us for a sponsorship of any amount.

Jessica Swapp-Massengill explained that her Ag Advisory Board helps her to ensure that she is meeting the needs in this county. Unfortunately budget cuts have made operation very difficult for Jessica and her co-workers. We have observed the results of some of these cuts. Jessica wanted us to be aware and open to serving on the advisory board if asked. The board members change every 6 months.

Our next meeting will be held on March 21st.


January 2023 CCB Report

The January 6 meeting was called to order immediately following our Installation Potluck Dinner at 6:00 PM.  We recited the Pledge of Allegiance to our flag and Leslie Crumbly read the CowBelle Creed.  24 people attended, including families and guests of members.

President Kim Clark proceeded in dismissing the outgoing officers and then swore in new officers for the 2023 year: Pat Hunt as President, Michelle Greeman as Vice President, Cyndi Donovan as Treasurer and Carol Crosley as Secretary.  Pat Hunt was chosen as our 2022 CowBelle of the Year.  This was a popular decision, given Pat’s continuing work on behalf of the club throughout some difficult years.

Michelle Greeman gave a brief but informative report on NM CowBelles, highlighting NM AgFest 2023 to be held at the Santa Fe Community Convention Center on February 16th. The Southern Region District Meeting and Workshops will be held on February 25, 2023 in Alamogordo NM. Specifics on time and location soon to follow.  She filled us in on 2023 NMCB officers and what we can be watching for in the coming year.  There is also good news that Margie McKeen will again host Ranch Days at their place this year and volunteers are sought.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:10 PM.  

*President’s Note:  Though we discussed a CCB meeting in February, I realize that many members will be attending the Southern District Meeting in Alamogordo on February 25th.  Consequently, our next meeting is scheduled for March 21st at 11:30 am at Grant County Extension Office.        


October CCB Report

The Copper CowBelles met on Tuesday, October 18, 2022. The meeting was opened by President Kim Clark and the Pledge, CowBelle Creed and Prayer were read. Three guests were introduced: Julie Mehan, Mary Beth Juarez and Lauren Baker.

Michelle, State Vice President, gave a report on the Beef Council booth at the State Fair that many CowBelles assisted with and the monthly meetings held by zoom.  These meetings are very informative and are well attended.  She encouraged everyone to attend the annual meeting in December which will include a reception to honor Past State Presidents.  NM CowBelles is celebrating its 65th year anniversary and this will be noted at the December meeting.

Pat Hunt reported that our booth at the Grant County Fair was very busy and she thanked all her volunteers.  License plate and cookbook sales were successful.  Erica Garcia, Miss Agriculture USA, attended the fair and helped with our booth, Copper will donate $250 to her to help cover travel expenses. Pat also announced that the “challenge” advertisement approved in August is in the current NM Stockman magazine.  This is our challenge to our locals to support the NM Ag in the Classroom programs monetarily.

Kim thanked the nominating committee for presenting the slate of officers for 2023.  Hearing no nominations from the floor, a motion passed to approve the nominations as presented.  The newly elected officers are: Pat Hunt, President; Michelle Greeman, Vice President; Cyndi Donovan, Treasurer and Carol Crosley, Secretary. The officers will be installed at the January 6, 2023 meeting.

A donation to the Pat Nowlin Scholarship Fund (NMCB) will be made in memory of Evelyn Yates. Kathy Davis also made a donation to the Copper CowBelle scholarship in her memory.

This being the last meeting for the year everyone was wished a Happy Halloween, Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas!

Submitted by Pat Hunt for Carol Crosley


Grant County Fair Booth

I would like to thank Alena and Kursten Johnson, Joan Dewbre, Carol Crosley,
JoAnn Miller, LJ Lundy, Cyndi Donovan, Vicki McCauley, Leslie Crumbley and the amazing license plate seller, Vivian Myers for assisting with the booth this year.

Miss America Agriculture Pageant winner, Erica Yvette Garcia graciously flew out from Kansas where she attends school to help at our booth on Saturday. Michelle and I met her in Ruidoso this summer when she attended the Midyear CowBelles meeting.

Raffle Winners: There was approximately 30-35 entries for the meat drawing each day (adults only). Candy: Paiglee Donaldson, Gavin Finley, and Samuel Donaldson. Meat: Debbie Ivins, Eileen Berry, and Shasta Walker

Watch your next issue of NM Stockman for our advertisement where we challenge our fellow CowBelles to support NM Ag in the Classroom.  I hope it works, I am so proud that we support this wonderful program.

We have Copper CowBelle cookbooks to sell! Think Christmas!


Cyndi and Kathy have submitted the following proposed slate of officers for 2023:  President, Pat Hunt; Vice President, Michelle Greeman; Secretary, Carol Crosley; Treasurer, Cyndi Donovan. Voting will take place at the October meeting.

We were a success!
Pat Hunt, ChairBelle


August CCB Report

The meeting was called to order at noon on August 16 by President Kim Clark. There were 8 members present.

Treasurer, Tenisha Fell suggested that membership forms go out as soon as possible so that members can complete and return them by October.

Michelle Greeman delivered a report on NMCB business. They’ve utilized online meetings to promote “CowBelles: Who are we and what do we do?” They’ve gained good forward momentum focusing on beef promotion and outreach. There is great excitement about the success of the “Ag in the Classroom” program. Cooper CowBelles will place a $250 ad in the NM Stockman, challenging other local CowBelle groups to make an annual donation of $250 to “Ag in the Classroom” as we are doing. Volunteers are welcome to assist the Beef Council in presenting the Ag Happy Hour at the NM State Fair, Sept. 10th and 17th. The annual NM Cattle Growers/NM CowBelles joint meeting will be held December 15th & 16th at the Hotel Albuquerque.

Pat Hunt will chair the Grant County Fair Booth this year and is asking for volunteers. Miss Agriculture New Mexico, Erica Garcia, will be on hand in the CowBelle booth on Saturday.

A thank you letter was received from Brye Baptiste, who was the recipient of our scholarship. Brye was grateful for our help in reaching his goals. Membership agreed to accept scholarship applications year-round per Pat Hunt’s recommendation.

Cyndi Donovan agrees to chair the nominating committee and Kathy Davis will help.

The Grant County Cattle Growers are raising funds to purchase a beef at the Cliff-Gila Grant County Fair livestock sale. We will donate the cost of processing the above beef, not to exceed $1,200.

The Blue and Gold Club membership within Silver FFA Alumni is an effort to provide funds to support the Silver FFA Chapter. Its funds will be used to support the students and chapter needs. Copper CowBelles will purchase a Silver membership.

Meeting adjourned at 1:10 PM.


June CCB Report

The June 28 meeting was called to order at noon by President Kim Clark with the Pledge of Allegiance, Prayer and our CowBelle Creed.  There were 8 members present, minutes were approved, and the treasurer’s report reviewed.

President Clark read the NMCB mid-year report mailed by Vonda Frost. The NMCB annual meeting will be held in conjunction with the Stockmen meeting on December 14-17 at the Hotel Albuquerque.

Thanks to Michelle Greeman, the new Copper CowBelles sign is in place at Southwest Horseman’s Park!   

We received a scholarship application from Brye Baptiste, a sophomore at NMSU, who is studying Ag Business.  The application, was reviewed, and Brye was awarded a $500 scholarship from Copper.

The Silver City Musuem has asked to have a Copper CowBelle representative on their Board. We received and awarded a donation to the Southwest Horsemans Youth Rodeo Association. The Grant County Cattlegrowers will have a booth in the Park for 4th of July and are seeking sale items from Copper as well as asking for ranching photos to include in a looped slideshow.

Discussed a joint fundraiser like the cash party or Shindig with the Fair Board and Cattlegrowers in the Fall. We will reach out to these organizations and see if they are willing.

Thanks to our meeting host, Leslie Crumbley, for a great 4th of July setup! Our next meeting will be on August 16.

Submitted by Kim Clark, President