April CCB Report

Meeting on April 19, 2022

The meeting was called to order at noon by Vice President Michelle Greeman with the Pledge of Allegiance to our flag.  Lori Nell Reed led us in prayer and the members in attendance read the CowBelle Creed together.  There were 11 members present. 

Michelle Greeman updated us on NM State CowBelles business.  The State District Workshops will probably be completed in two meetings.  The Wrangler will be out on May 1st and will include registration forms for the Mid-Year Meeting.  The New Mexico CowBelles will participate in Ag Day at the Isotopes baseball game on May 15.

Ranch Days will happen at the McKeen Ranch near Glenwood on April 26th and 27th.  Volunteers are needed and welcome. 

Scholarship Committee volunteers are needed to help Pat Hunt with getting the information out to students.  This is a rewarding endeavor and a good way to support our western way of life in the future.

June is Beef Month.  There was a discussion on how best to promote it in our community. Pat Hunt moved that we form a Beef Promotion Committee and earmark funds for this purpose.  Jessica Massengill added that her Beef Ambassador can assist in these promotions.

We will make a recurring annual donation to “Ag in the Classroom.” They do a wonderful job imbedding important Ag information into a classroom presentation. 

Michelle Greeman noted that Carolyn Nelson has done an excellent slide show re: USFS History and Land Use that is very informative.  She also suggested that we thank Yvette Harrell for keeping up with the feral cow issue and voicing her concerns. 

Pat Hunt announced that New Mexico Gas Co had made a donation to Copper CowBelles in support of the positive work we have accomplished in the community.  Our thanks to them and to Lori Nell Reed!

A reminder that early voting in Grant County begins on May 10th.  Please vote early and in person. 

Our FFA youth who competed at State did very well, earning wins and high placings.  Our congratulations! 

Meeting was adjourned at 1pm. Our thanks to Lori Nell Reed and Mary Jo Hooker, who hosted this meeting.

Submitted by Carol Crosley      


Copper CowBelles Scholarships now Include Trade Schools

The Grant County Copper CowBelles are now taking scholarship applications for students pursuing jobs in trade professions. They will continue to offer scholarships for college degrees in agricultural fields but recognize the need to reach a broader field of applicants in rural areas by supporting those individuals that want careers such as welders, plumbers, electricians and lineman.

Applications are now available for the 2022-2023 school year. Applicants pursuing trade professions must be a graduate of a Grant County high school or in a dual enrollment program for their desired trade. Home schooled students may also apply.

College applicants must have obtained enough college credits to be considered to be a sophomore in college and be pursuing a degree in an agricultural field. They must be attending a Grant County high school (home schooled students will also be considered).

The CowBelles are a non-profit organization whose purpose is providing educational information about the beef industry and preserving the heritage of the West. The scholarship spokesperson, Pat Hunt, states “that while the CowBelles are primarily interested in promoting accurate information about beef nutrition and ranching, we understand the need to continue our western heritage in all areas of agriculture and rural life. Therefore, we encourage students studying courses such as range management, animal and veterinary sciences and agricultural economics to apply. By deciding to include trade professions, we feel we are promoting career opportunities for individuals that may not prefer college studies and will hopefully fill the growing need for trade professions in rural areas.”

Those interested in receiving an application should contact Pat at 575-534-7649 as soon as possible


February CCB Report

Copper CowBelles Met on February 15, 2022

Michelle Greeman reported that the Mid Year New Mexico CowBelles Meeting will be held in Ruidoso June 12-14th. 

Pat Hunt shared sad news that John Myers had passed shortly after our last meeting.  His funeral service will be at Terrazas on Friday, February 25 at 11:30 a.m., followed by internment at Ft. Bayard National Cemetery.  CowBelles will serve the luncheon at WNMU Graham Gym.

Kathy Davis and Hazel Donaldson gave a report on the Heritage Waters Coalition upcoming fundraiser.  The Cowboy Casino Night will be held at the Grant County Convention Center on April 23rd.

Ranch Days will be held at the McKeen Ranch on April 26th and 27th.   Much help will be needed so volunteers should sign up soon. 

The Grant Count Fair will be held September 7th – 10th this year.  This is a date change, so make note on your calendars. 

Laura Frost gave a report on the Grant County Cattle Growers.  Ryan McCauley is president this year.

Laura also delivered an envelope of thank-you notes to the Copper CowBelles from the youth involved in the Junior Rodeo.

Submitted by,
Kim Clark


January CCB Report

Meeting was opened by incoming President Kim Clark on Jan 18, with the Pledge of Allegiance, Creed and Prayer.
12 members were present.

We received a $300 donation to our scholarship fund by past president Deborah Van Tellingen. The donation was in memory of Bobbie Neal Little, Linda Pecotte and John Escobedo. Pat sent a card to Joanne Woodward expressing our sympathy at the passing of her husband David. Lori Nell Reed alerted us that Vivian Myers husband John is very ill with heart issues.

Michelle Greeman caught us up on the State meeting in Albuquerque in December. Michelle asked that we let our voices be heard in regard to the Heinrich-Lujan grazing buy out bill (S.2980, the Wildlife-Livestock Conflict Resolution Act.) There will be serious implications down the road should this bill pass. She noted that the CowBelles will celebrate our 65th anniversary this year. There will be District Work Shops but they may look different this year.

The McKeen Ranch Days are being planned for April 25 and 26th. Marge McKeen reportedly would like to see Operation Respect developed in our community, especially in relation to hunters and those who enjoy using our public lands.

Jessica Swapp-Massengill updated us on happenings at the Grant County Extension Office. (Side Note: Congratulations to Jessica, who was recently named the New Mexico 4-H Agent of the year!)

Hazel Donaldson reported on the Wild and Scenic Committee and noted the importance of similar minded groups (i.e. Cattle Growers, Farm Bureau and other NGOs) working together to better utilize their manpower and resources.

Pat Hunt announced that the 2021 CowBelle of the Year is Vivian Myers.

Our next meeting will be held at the Grant County Extension Office on Feb. 15, 2022 at 11:30. Thereafter, our meetings will be held every other month.

The meeting was adjourned at 1pm.

The installation of new officers was held directly following the meeting: President – Kim Clark, Vice President – Michelle Greeman, Secretary – Carol Crosley, Treasurer – Tenisha Fell

Submitted by Carol Crosley


Working Together to Promote Beef!

Every year brings a unique partnership to the Cliff-Gila Grant County Fair as the Grant County Cattle Growers and the Grant County Copper CowBelles combine finances to purchase a beef during the Junior Livestock Sale.

This year the partnership was expanded to include the 5R Travel Center located in Deming. The Cattle Growers and 5R purchased the market beef from local 4-H student, Samuel McDonald and shipped it to the Wilcox Packing Plant in Arizona. The processing fees are always paid by the CowBelles. The meat is then divided between 5 schools in Grant County to provide students in Home Economic and Culinary Skills type classes the opportunity to cook with beef cuts of meat.

This year the beef was awarded to Stephanie Tedford of Cliff High School, Mrs. Flores of Silver High, Misty Pugmire of the El Grito Head Start, Mrs. Liebhart of Snell Middle School in Bayard and Mrs. Smith at Calvary Christain.

Pat Hunt, Copper Cowbelles


CCB Year End Report

Grant County Copper CowBelles 2021 President’s Report

As was 2020, this year has been very trying for Copper CowBelles. We were careful with in-person meetings but still participated in the Grant County Fair in the Fall with a very successful booth and 3-day beef give away. Also at the Fair, the Grant County Cattlegrowers annually purchases a steer. Copper pays the processing fees (now over $1000!) as our contribution to this worthwhile project. The meat is divided 4/5 ways and given to the local Home Economics/Culinary Skills classes so that they have the opportunity to cook with Beef.

In January we had a Saturday zoom meeting that State President Sandra Lacy participated in. We also had a zoom in late February but it was June before we were together again and it was to host a luncheon in memory of our longtime member Bobbie Neal Little who died June 2nd. Lori Nell Reed was the Chair for this occasion.

I attended the Mid-Year meeting in Ruidoso early in June. Members Kathy Davis, Cyndi Donovan and Alida Burchett also attended. Also in June we had a table at the local rodeo and Joan Dewbre and I sold tickets for a beef drawing in honor of “June is Beef Month”. In August we met in person and were able to plan our booth for the Fair and get started on nominating officers for 2022. We were proud to receive word that our nominee, Emilie Gossett, for the Pat Nowlin Scholarship was a successful candidate. Member Linda Pecotte was instrumental in nominating this student. Linda assisted with our Fair booth the week of September 22nd -25th along with Vivian Myers, Leslie Crumbley, Kathy Davis, Alena Johnson and Cyndi Donovan. Tragically, less than a month later, Linda, an avid pilot, crashed her plane and once again we found ourselves helping to host a funeral luncheon.

Our Thanksgiving/Christmas potluck and installation of officers meeting was canceled due to Grant County having a COVID rate that was one of the highest in the country per capita. Installation will have to be arranged by zoom meeting. Our 2022 officers are Kim Clark, President; Michelle Greeman, Vice President; Tenisha Fell, Treasurer and Carol Crosley, Secretary.

Submitted by Patricia E Hunt President 2020-2021


October CCB Report

Thw Grant County Copper CowBelles met on October 19, 2021.

The meeting was opened by President Pat Hunt with a moment of silence for member Linda Pecotte who passed in a plane crash on the 15th.

Cyndi Donovan (Committee Chair, Dear to our Hearts) was asked to send a note to Joyce Biebelle whose brother has died and Carol Crosley who recently lost a daughter. Also it was noted that a donation will be sent to the Pat Nowlin Scholarship fund in memory of Linda Pecotte. A donation was also received from Kathy Davis to the Copper scholarship fund in Linda’s memory.

Hazel Donaldson made a presentation for Heritage Waters Coalition on behalf of our AgVo committee. Proposed display ads in the Daily Press were discussed as well as the need to fill out the survey for the Water Trust Board and comment on the 50 Year Water Plan. Copper will be a part of the display ads and the Treasurer was instructed to write a check to HWC to cover our share of the cost. Hazel also showed a new icon called “Copper and Cattle” that will be used to promote Grant County’s two major industries.

Pat announced that Kurstyn Johnson was awarded a $500 scholarship for her continuing studies in a welding career.

The following officers were elected: Kim Clark, President; Michelle Greeman, Vice President; Carol Crosley, Secretary and Tenisha Fell, Treasurer.

Under Old Business the highway “Welcome to Beef Country” sign was discussed.

The upcoming elections were discussed for the Grant Soil and Water Conservation District and the Grant County Cattlegrowers.

Michelle announced that in conjunction with the Joint Stockman Meeting in Albuquerque the second week of December there will be a NM CowBelles breakfast meeting. Emails will go out shortly with details for an in-person meeting and a zoom call alternative.

Jessica Swapp has produced a video promoting “short-term” volunteers. She needs individuals and groups willing to help with learning experiences for 4-H members in fields such as photography, cake decorating, sewing, canning and anything you have an interest in and think that young people might have an interest too.

Pat Hunt


August CCB Report

Copper CowBelles Meeting August 10, 2021

Meeting opened by President Pat Hunt with the Pledge of Allegiance, Creed and Prayer being read. Pat and Kim Clark were hostesses.

It was also decided to send our usual memorial donations of $50 to the Pat Nowlin Scholarship in memory of Bobbie and Carol Baumgartner. We received a check Kathy in memory of Bobbie and Carol as well as a check or $100 from JoAnn Miller in memory of Bobbie.  Pat will let the families know that these donations have been received.

Cyndi Donavan agreed to be the new Chair of the Dear to our Hearts committee.  A motion was made and passed to allow the AgVo Committee to speak on behalf of Copper with a 1st by Tenisha and a second by Cyndi.  Items of particular attention will be joining the Heritage Waters Coalition, fighting the 30-30 Act, wolf populations, lack of diversity in meat packers nationally/the need for local meat processing and the Border Crisis.  Everyone was encouraged to hand out scholarship applications as the deadline is August 27th

Pat requested volunteers for a nominating committee for the upcoming elections but no offers were made.  The Grant County Fair was discussed.  Many expressed a desire to “change things up a bit”.  Pat agreed to co-chair. Need another volunteer. Kathy and Cyndi agreed to help decide what topics we want to highlight this year such as the many beef by-products and a comparison of the components of fake meat vs beef.  (Tenisha will have her sons do an experiment on the ageing process of a beef pattie and a fake meat pattie”-will the fake meat pattie grow mold?”).  We need someone to help with decorating/setup and making phone calls to assure the booth is covered. 

Applications for membership renewals and updating the yearbook information will be mailed.

Pat Hunt