February 2023 CCB Report

The meeting was called to order on February 21 by President Pat Hunt. We recited the Pledge of Allegiance to our flag. Pat Hunt read the CowBelle Creed and Carol Crosley read the prayer. There were 14 persons attending, including 2 guests.

Guests Autumn (Graham) Robertson and Rebekka Hansen were with us to share their vision for an Ag Day on Friday 9/22/23, during the Cliff/Gila Grant County Fair. They plan booths, games, a petting zoo, photo backdrop and demonstrations helping the public to understand the importance of agriculture in our community.

Pat Hunt shared notes from the youth involved in the SHA Gymkhana, thanking us for our support. CCB Members also signed a note of encouragement to our friend/member Joan Woodward.

NMCB memorializes members who have passed. Pat displayed a lovely memorial plaque in honor of Linda Pecotte and will try to get it to Linda’s family. Michelle Greeman also presented a memorial for Evelyn Yates that came from the December annual meeting.

Michelle Greeman caught us up on NMCB business. The Southern Region District Meeting and workshops will be in Alamogordo on Feb. 25. 2023. Mid-Year Meeting dates will be June 4th and 5th in Ruidoso.

Kathy Davis reported on the Heritage Waters Coalition status. They are doing a great job trying to protect us from the Dutch Salmon Greater Wild and Scenic River Bill. This bill would have a negative effect on most of us in Grant County. Please join this fight at:

A scholarship application was presented from Sabrina Thuerauf, a Silver High graduate who is now in her last year of Veterinarian School. Sabrina hopes to begin practice in Grant County upon graduation. An award was made to Sabrina to be used toward paying off her school loans.

Discussion of the condition of both the CCB signs on US180, as they will need a makeover or total replacement. Ideas will be followed up on at our March meeting.

Silver City Museum will host Community Conversation (an overview of clubs and organizations in Grant County) at the Silco Theater on Saturday, April 15, 2023. They have requested we send a representative to give a brief history and focus of Copper CowBelles.

Women in Ag Leadership Conference (WALC) will be held in Albuquerque 5/23 through 5/25. Connie Rooks of Farm Bureau is committee chair and has asked us for a sponsorship of any amount.

Jessica Swapp-Massengill explained that her Ag Advisory Board helps her to ensure that she is meeting the needs in this county. Unfortunately budget cuts have made operation very difficult for Jessica and her co-workers. We have observed the results of some of these cuts. Jessica wanted us to be aware and open to serving on the advisory board if asked. The board members change every 6 months.

Our next meeting will be held on March 21st.