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2013 The Year of the Farmer

Did you know the National Beef Ambassador Program is funded in part by the Beef Checkoff? For every cow sold in the United States one dollar per head is donated to the Beef Checkoff Program, fifty cents going to the state program and fifty cents going to the national program. The Beef Checkoff is essential to our industry because it funds programs to promote our product. They produce all sorts of beef promotional supplies from “Still Safe, Still Nutritious, Still a Family Favorite” billboards down I-5 in California to “I Heart Beef” stickers given out to elementary students in New York State  If you pick up a pamphlet in the grocery store informing you on the benefits of lean beef, chances are there is a red check logo on the back. The Beef Checkoff not only proves on a daily basis why beef is needed in your diet, but works hard to tell the beef production story. That’s where my team and I step in.

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