August CCB Report

Copper CowBelles Meeting August 10, 2021

Meeting opened by President Pat Hunt with the Pledge of Allegiance, Creed and Prayer being read. Pat and Kim Clark were hostesses.

It was also decided to send our usual memorial donations of $50 to the Pat Nowlin Scholarship in memory of Bobbie and Carol Baumgartner. We received a check Kathy in memory of Bobbie and Carol as well as a check or $100 from JoAnn Miller in memory of Bobbie.  Pat will let the families know that these donations have been received.

Cyndi Donavan agreed to be the new Chair of the Dear to our Hearts committee.  A motion was made and passed to allow the AgVo Committee to speak on behalf of Copper with a 1st by Tenisha and a second by Cyndi.  Items of particular attention will be joining the Heritage Waters Coalition, fighting the 30-30 Act, wolf populations, lack of diversity in meat packers nationally/the need for local meat processing and the Border Crisis.  Everyone was encouraged to hand out scholarship applications as the deadline is August 27th

Pat requested volunteers for a nominating committee for the upcoming elections but no offers were made.  The Grant County Fair was discussed.  Many expressed a desire to “change things up a bit”.  Pat agreed to co-chair. Need another volunteer. Kathy and Cyndi agreed to help decide what topics we want to highlight this year such as the many beef by-products and a comparison of the components of fake meat vs beef.  (Tenisha will have her sons do an experiment on the ageing process of a beef pattie and a fake meat pattie”-will the fake meat pattie grow mold?”).  We need someone to help with decorating/setup and making phone calls to assure the booth is covered. 

Applications for membership renewals and updating the yearbook information will be mailed.

Pat Hunt