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The CowBelles 2015 Shindig was a great success thanks to our members, sponsors and the community! We are still in the preliminary process of tallying up our funds raised. It looks like we had a record number of tickets to the event that were sold. The silent auction was down from previous years. As always, we enjoyed the fantastic music of The Yarbrough Band.


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Kevin & Tanya Thompson and Niel & Sameena McDonald – Edward Jones Investments
Holiday Inn Express – Laureate Beta
Silver City Radio, KNFT
Aunt Judy’s Attic, Western Bank, Mimbres Feeds & Farm Bureau Financial Svcs Susie Sumrall
The Grant County Beat – Silver City Independent
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CowBelles members, family & friends

2015 Shindig Silent Auction


2014 Grant County Fair

Copper CowBelles made an appearance at the Grant County Fair! I barely remembered to take incriminating pictures in time! Sorry to the other gals that I remembered so late, I’m sure they are heartbroken! And, a huge thank you to all those who bought a ticket to help support our scholarship raffle! Leslie Crumbly was the official winner of the raffle! Congrats to her and thanks to all those who came by to support us!


Katie L Donaldson, you did a fantastic job organizing our booth this year at the Grant County Fair! Thank you!


County Fair Report

The theme was “the Animals, the land, Natural Resources and the Environment how Ranching Families take Care of it All”: These four members made a poster display for our booth, Joan Woodward on the animals, Katie Donaldson on the land an grasses, Elizabeth McCauley on the natural resources and water, and Lucinda Billings on the environment.  These members made a wonderful display for us that was very informative and attractive to display. Ranchers are wonderful stewards of the land. The questionnaire was based on the booth display as we are trying to educate the public about beef and ranching.

Food Basket donated 3 wonderful roasts and Twisted Wire Ranch donated 3 lbs of hamburger and 3 lbs of stew meat. Instead of cooking the meat this year we placed the meat frozen into an ice chest and tied it with a red bow and gave the meat away.  WE think it was a great success as the winners received more beef and could cook it at their leisure. We sold license plates, t-shirts and napkins.

Kathy Davis, Chair


The Yarbrough Band…

Playing for the 2012 Shindig!
Playing for the 2012 Shindig!

Musicians heavily influenced by older country artists like Merle Haggard, Buck Owens and Patsy Cline would be one way to describe the Yarbrough Band of Las Cruces. The band began in 2007 as a family three-piece with a young Jacy on vocal and fiddle, Dawson on the guitar and father Jason on vocals and bass.  The current lineup – which has been in effect for the past several years – also includes Milagros Guillen on vocals and fiddle and Julian Medina on drums. The Yarbrough Band tours around the southwest and plays on a weekly bases. You can find them at county fairs, wedding receptions or local events.

The Yarbrough Band will perform again this year at the annual Copper CowBelles Shindig. A long-standing tradition in Grant County, this dinner, dance and silent auction on April 27th is sure to have something for everyone.  The Shindig was originally started as an event for local ranchers to get together and socialize.  Today, the event appeals to individuals from all walks of life and the highlight is the dance.

Kim Clark, Copper CowBelle member and past president states, “If you like to dance, the Yarbrough Band is a treat. They play a mix of classic country covers and a few original songs that have a way of getting people out of their chairs and on their feet. You just can’t help but dance to their music! One of my favorite highlights of the evening is when Jacy and Milagros begin the dance by playing the National Anthem with twin fiddles. Talk about giving you chills!”

The band released their first album in the summer of 2012. The self-titled album contains some of the group’s most famous covers, as well as a couple of original songs. Dawson Yarbrough says that including mostly cover songs was the best way to attract listeners, but he hopes the next album will have more of the band’s own songs. “With this album we just wanted to do songs we’ve been playing for a while.”  According to Yarbrough, classic country acts from the 1960’s have laid a musical foundation for the band, “We have just modernized the music a bit to make it more energized.”  The music played by the Yarbrough Band appeals to young and old alike.  At rodeo dance, for example, you will find just as many if not more, youngsters on the dance floor as adults.

Yarbrough states that the main goal of the band is not to get “rich and famous.” They pride themselves on their live performances and play simply for the love of music. Their favorite shows are the ones where when people get up and dance.

You can get tickets to the dinner and dance at Aunt Judy’s Attic, Western Bank, Farm Bureau Insurance; Susan Sumrall or Alotta Gelato.  Ticket prices are $25 in advance and $30 at the door.  The doors open for the dinner at 6 pm and the Yarbrough Band starts up at 7:30.  The Shindig takes place next Saturday, April 27th at the Flame Convention Center in Silver City.  This event is a fundraiser for the CowBelles and proceeds support local agricultural projects throughout the year.  For more information contact Pat Hunt at 574-7649.