County Fair Report

The theme was “the Animals, the land, Natural Resources and the Environment how Ranching Families take Care of it All”: These four members made a poster display for our booth, Joan Woodward on the animals, Katie Donaldson on the land an grasses, Elizabeth McCauley on the natural resources and water, and Lucinda Billings on the environment.  These members made a wonderful display for us that was very informative and attractive to display. Ranchers are wonderful stewards of the land. The questionnaire was based on the booth display as we are trying to educate the public about beef and ranching.

Food Basket donated 3 wonderful roasts and Twisted Wire Ranch donated 3 lbs of hamburger and 3 lbs of stew meat. Instead of cooking the meat this year we placed the meat frozen into an ice chest and tied it with a red bow and gave the meat away.  WE think it was a great success as the winners received more beef and could cook it at their leisure. We sold license plates, t-shirts and napkins.

Kathy Davis, Chair

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