March 2023 CCB Report

The April 18 meeting was called to order at noon by President Pat Hunt.  We recited the Pledge of Allegiance to our flag, the CowBelle Creed and a prayer.  Hostesses Cyndi Donovan and Kathy Davis provided a beautiful spring atmosphere for our meeting and 12 members were present to enjoy it. 

A card of thanks to Tenisha Fell, who will be moving to Oklahoma soon, was passed around for members to express their appreciation of her commitment and hard work.

We received a note from Sabrina Thuerauf thanking us for our scholarship toward her veterinary school expenses.  She is nearing her graduation and is grateful for the help we were able to provide. A check is going out to Erica Garcia, to support her as she competes for the National Miss Agriculture title.          

Pat Hunt reported that Lauren Baker represented our club at the Silver City Museum’s “Community Conversations” held on April 15th

 Michelle Greeman was not able to attend this meeting, but sent an NMCB update to membership via email.   She reminded us that the WALC early bird registration closes on 5/1. The event will be held at the Albuquerque Sheraton Uptown on May 23-25.  Registration is also open for the Mid-Year Meeting on June 4-6 in Ruidoso.   Rooms can be booked at the MCM Elegante Ruidoso with the Cattle Growers group rate.

Under New Business, Pat reminded us that our annual NM Ag in the Classroom donation of $250 is due and Cyndi will be sending that out. We are grateful for the work this group is accomplishing.

McKeen Ranch Days is quickly approaching and CCB will host 2 tables: butter making and beef by-products. 

We discussed the needed fundraiser.  Everyone liked the idea of a cash party/dinner/dance and more info will be available by our next meeting.  Pat is also putting together an exciting gift basket that we will raffle off after the County Fair, hopefully raising funds for at least one scholarship.  Members brought in items to fill the basket and we all received tickets to begin selling: $1 each or 6 for $5. 

Jessica Swapp-Massengill/Grant County Extension Office will be putting on a garden show and sale on May 13th, in partnership with Autumn Robertson/NM Farm Bureau.  They’ve lined up some great presenters and related vendors for this event.  Jessica also shared that the Extension Office has loaned a number of egg incubators out to schools (Pre K through high school) around Grant County.   The conversation soon grew to include chicken-pluckers and egg rollers and we were all enthralled! 

Pat Hunt brought up that the current “food animal” veterinarian shortage represents a danger to agriculture in America. It highlights how important it is to support vet students with our scholarships, as we have with Sabrina Thuerauf.  We also learned that false rumors are being spread insinuating that livestock are being treated with drugs containing “MRNA”. This rumor is not true and we should be aware and quick to dispel these rumors. Another concern is that Fentanyl is being mixed with veterinary drugs. 

Our next meeting will be held on Tuesday, May 16th.

Respectfully submitted, Carol Crosley

Upcoming Events:  McKeen Ranch Days      April 25th – 26th

                                   WALC, Albuquerque     May 23rd – 25th

                                   Mid-Year Meeting, Ruidoso   June 4th – 6th

                                   Grant County Fair    Sept 20th – 23rd

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