CCB September Report

Copper Cowbelles Met September 15th, 2020

2020 Officers – Pat Hunt President- Judy O’Loughlin VP- Jeanette Hamilton Secretary- Tenisha Fell Treasurer
Pledge, Creed and Prayer lead by Pat.

Last meeting was June 2020 due to COVID-19 restrictions.

A budget for 2020 which will be revised to be a ’20-’21 budget and submitted for review at October meeting.
Lori Nell Reed obtained a donation to the organization from NM Gas Company.

Memorial donation of $50 each to honor Patsy Eby and Bar Wilson, past Copper CowBelles, who passed earlier this year.

Three scholarship applications were received and reviewed. Scholarships were awarded to Seth Neal (trade), Kurstyn Johnson (trade) and Cursten Blanton (academic) for this year and for last year (her application was mistakenly overlooked for eligibility last year).

Lucy Whitmarsh requested that we be involved with restoring the brand mural in the Murray Hotel downtown Silver City. They are still looking for a photo of the mural that includes the bottom right hand corner that has been damaged.

Jason Dobrinski has given permission for the brand sign on Hwy 180 West to be restored on his property. It was damaged beyond repair in a recent storm. We need to get out and remove the remains of the sign and set up a committee to start researching how to build a new one and finance it.

Nominating Committee and will make phone calls to see who is willing to run for office for the ’20-’21 year.

Discussion of the Wild and Scenic Act. It is important to support the Heritage Waters movement in rebuttal to the M.H. Dutch Salmon Wild and Scenic Act, which affects 5 SW NM counties. The Gila isn’t a free-flowing river, it is being utilized by farmers and ranchers, and the Gila doesn’t flow naturally year round. It is not a true recreational river but instead is a working river.

Submitted by Jeannette Hamilton (with help from Pat Hunt)

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