Family Owned

Did you know… 97 percent of beef ranches today are family owned and operated? Typically, there are multiple generations involved in the family business!  #BeefMonth

The report shows that family-owned farms continue to form the core of American agriculture, with 97 percent of 2.1 million farms classified as family farms. Those farms vary widely of course, with some being large businesses employing many non-family members and some being very small in acreage and revenue.

For farms raising cattle or calves, the report lists a total of 740,978 operations. Of those, 202,047 are listed as retirement farms, where the operators report they are retired, although they continue to farm on a small scale. On 266,250 cattle operations, NASS reports the operator has an off-farm occupation. Of the cattle farms where the operator’s primary occupation is farming, 130,774 are listed as having annual sales less than $150,000, 47,648 have sales of $150,000 to $349,999, 51,301 have sales from $350,000 to $999,999, 20,142 have sales from $1 million to $4,999,999 and 2,609 have sales of more than $5 million. Non-family farms account for the remaining 20,207 cattle operations.



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