We Have New Cookbooks

Contact a local CowBelle or stop by Aunt Judy’s Attic in Silver City to get your new cookbook!14572277_1279331312099782_9048532354360361234_n

Cookbook Acknowledgements

We thank our dedicated CowBelle members, local ranching families and friends for their generous contribution of recipes and photos. Many members of the CowBelles have long histories of ranching in Grant County and the surrounding area. We would like to recognize Pat Bennett for getting the cookbook project started several years ago, and passing her work on to the Committee when she moved. We give a special thank you to Rhonda Lackey, a local artist, for the original cover design reused from our previous edition. A special thank you to JoAnn Miller, Cookbook ChairBelle, for all her long hours of collecting, organizing and finalizing the end product. We would never have made our printing deadline without her!

The Cookbook Committee members who gave so much of their time and enthusiasm to complete this cookbook for your enjoyment are:

  • JoAnn Miller
  • Pat Bennett
  • Pat Hunt
  • Genea Caldwell
  • Megan Miller
  • Judy O’Loughlin
  • Linda Pecotte


I would like to personally recognize the Cookbook Committee for the hard work and dedication put into this second edition, especially JoAnn Miller, her daughter Genea and her granddaughter Megan. I would also like to acknowledge Linda Johnston Lundy and Nancy Thomas for their dedication to publishing the 2006 edition, which was used as a template. I hope that you enjoy this Cookbook enough to keep a copy for yourself, and give others away as treasured gifts to family and friends.

For more information on the Grant County Copper CowBelles go to:

All the best,

Kim Clark

2016 Copper CowBelle President

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