President’s Message

Well, the Shindig is fast approaching…hope you are all out there selling tickets and encouraging your friends to attend.

We were a huge success at the Rodeo Parade even if the parade wasn’t what I would call a huge success. Thank you to Beverly and her family and my husband for all their help.  And thanks to Bobbie and new member, Lucinda Billings (and her 2 boys) for being there and to Joan for sending all her grandkids to ride the float.  WARNING:  Bobbie and Bev want to put our float in the July 4th parade!

I have asked myself what to say when someone blasts the Forest Service for letting the Whitewater Baldy fire get out of control.  I don’t blame the Forest Service for this mess, I blame 20 years of mis-management that is the result of this agency being micro-managed by politicians buckling under to environmental groups that had lots of opinions and no experience.  My husband says, “this was inevitable” and unfortunately he is right.  We haven’t seen the last of wildfires in the West and it certainly is going to affect us all.  Hard to sleep at night sometimes.

A big thank you to our May hostesses, Arley Howard and Wanda MacInnis

Pat Hunt

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