Shared today Via New Mexico Stockman’s Magazine…

Please contact your congressman NOW. They could be voting on HR 8 to extend the death tax considerations TODAY

Talking points:

• I strongly encourage you to support a tax package that maintains the current estate tax relief levels at $5 million and 35% tax rate. American agriculture cannot allow the estate tax to revert to the $1 million exemption level and a 55% tax rate.

• 96 percent of Ameri

can farms and ranches are owned and operated by families.

• The value of most farms and ranches is tied up in assets like land, which we use to feed the world.

• Farm land values are significantly increasing across the country. (see attached spreadsheet)

• While land value is a major factor for calculating the value of an estate, that does not take into consideration the total value of farm implements, vehicles, livestock, crops, etc. that are part of the total estate value. 

• This is not a tax on the wealthy elite in America. The wealthy can afford accountants and estate planners to help them evade the tax. It’s a death warrant for small-to-medium sized family businesses. 

• Farmers and ranchers are good at working with unpredictable conditions like the weather and input costs, but the tax code should not be an unpredictable condition. 

• Until full repeal of and relief from the death tax can be achieved, at minimum, please maintain current estate tax policy with an exemption level at $5 million and the maximum rate of 35%.


August President’s Message

We took the month of July off (except for the parade on the 4th) and I didn’t know how much I needed a break until I realized we didn’t need a newsletter or minutes or a meeting place and finally relaxed.  We have really been busy this year (I am so proud of us!) and if we are tired, it is understandable.

I think the Shindig was a huge success even if I haven’t heard yet what the final figures are.  It was well attended, the food was great, the auction was awesome, the dessert table was decadent (thank you Rosella) and the band was terrific and well received.  Kim has already booked the Yarbrough Band for next year, so stay tuned!

Thanks to Beverly, Bobbie and Mary Jo we went right into the 4th of July Parade with our rodeo float and we won 3rd place!  It was very gratifying to hear people yell their support as we traveled along saying “I love beef! where’s the beef? What’s for dinner? yeah cowbelles! yeah Shindig!”  It almost made me cry.

I attended the Mid-year Meeting in Ruidoso on June 25 and 26th.  It was a very worthwhile event but the best part for me was being there to vote yes! when Aubri Allen was nominated for a Pat Nowlin Scholarship.  Congratulations Aubri!

A big thank you to our June hostess Judy dePedro assisted by Arley Howard.

Pat Hunt, President